How To Make a Girl Cum With These 3 Proven Techniques

she wants to cumIn the past, female orgasms were considered a mystery. A significant number of women could not experience orgasms during regular sex. Furthermore, as times and technology advances, the modern woman is put under so much pressure to be a good mother, a loving partner, and sex expert who is expected to climax every time she engages in sex. Shockingly, recent research revealed that approximately 75% of women do not achieve orgasms during intercourse.
Society and social media have been condemning women for not achieving orgasms. The stigma has had a severe toll on women and has strangely widened the gap between expectations and reality. Furthermore, how pornographic films have been depicting female orgasms has been strongly contradicting what researchers have found out through analysis and interviews.
This article will help you filter through the clutter to accurately understand why most women do not cum easily and what you can do to give your woman an earth-shattering orgasm.

Why Most Women Do Not Achieve Orgasms

In 1948, Alfred Kinsley, an American sex biologist, studied male and female orgasms. His studies revealed that approximately 95% of men achieved an orgasm during sex, while less than 50% of women experienced orgasms.
The low number of female orgasms is attributed to the following reasons:
1. Belief Systems- Studies have revealed that women who stick to firm religious principles orgasm less often compared to liberal-minded women.
2. Relationship Status- Women who are are happy in their relationships have higher chances of achieving orgasms compared to those who are depressed.
3. Sexual Harassment- Compared with women who have experienced sexual trauma, women who have no history of sexual harassment have higher chances of achieving orgasms.
4. Demographic Factors- Research has revealed that older women have higher chances of experiencing orgasms than younger women.

Make Her Cum Hard With These 3 Powerful Techniques

This section will cover the powerful strategies that are bound to transform your bedroom prowess:
1. Making Her Cum Though Fingering
2. Giving Her Orgasms Through Oral Stimulation
3. Orgasms From Vaginal Penetration- The CAT Technique

Technique 1 – Making Her Cum Through Fingering

Just like any other art, fingering is a technique that you should master to make a woman tear bed sheets with intense pleasure.
Even more, fingering can help you make your woman cum if you cannot last longer during penetrative sexual intercourse. Surprisingly, fingering enables you to stimulate her clitoris and G-spot simultaneously.
For Clitorial Orgasms
– Apply some lube on your fingers and make gentle circles over the clitoral hood.
– After circling the clitoris for some time, gently spread her vagina lips, and repeatedly tap on the clitoris gently.
– Move your fingers up and down, side to side, and observe her to see the stimulation that that strikes her the most.
– Once you find out what is best for her, maintain the gentle, rhythmic motions until she cums.
– When you notice that she is closer to climaxing, gradually increase your pace until she orgasms.
For G-Spot Orgasms
– Insert your middle finger in her vagina and curl it in the come hither manner.
– Move your finger slowly and steadily as you rub the G-spot in a circular motion. The G-spot feels like a rough area.
– Gradually increase your speed of stimulation until she achieves an orgasm. Studies have confirmed that most women attain orgasms from G-spot stimulation.

Technique 2 – Giving Her Orgasms Through Oral Stimulation

Sexologists have found out that most women achieve orgasms from oral stimulation than from penetrative sex. To make a woman explode with joy during oral sex, you should follow the following simple yet powerful steps:
– Tease her by kissing her inner thighs, running down your fingers along her legs, and avoiding the vagina as much as possible to increase sexual tension. Teasing creates anticipation, which makes her wet even more.
– After teasing her for some time, blow and lick her vagina gently and watch her groan with pleasure. Blowing and licking create a sensation that mounts intense sexual tension in her body.
– To spice up the process more, start kissing and sucking her vagina with a mixture of slow and fast strokes.
– As she moans with pleasure and nears an orgasm, increases your speed and rhythm until you push her over the edge.
– You should maintain a steady rhythm at every stage to guarantee her a mindblowing orgasm.

Technique 3 – Orgasms From Vaginal Penetration-The CAT Position

Although most women do not cum from penetrative sex, this sex position solves this dilemma. It provides you with a means of stimulating her clitoris during sex.
Read on to find out how you do it like a pro:
– Get into the normal missionary sex position.
– Slide your body slightly upwards while on top of her and support yourself steadily with your arms.
– Align your pelvis with her pelvis and make sure the shaft of your penis is rubbing and stimulating her clitoris.
– While in this position, stroke her clitoris in an up and down manner rather than an in-out manner.
– Continue stroking until she achieves a fist-clenching orgasm.
Given these points, it is crucial to ensure that you use lube and engage in enough foreplay to minimize friction to enhance your sexual experience. Why not drive her crazy with these techniques?