Semenax Review – Perfect Ingredients to Increase Your Sperm Count

Semenax Review

It can’t be denied unless you, as a man, don’t love sex sperm count matters a lot when it comes to your overall health and more specifically the quality of your sex life. Why? If you are trying to conceive a child or just have gratifying sexual encounters your sperm count dictates how well you perform in these aspects.

Let’s appreciate that if your sperm count is less than the range of 15million to 200million sperms per millimeter of semen you have what in medical terms is referred to as oligospermia.

Though only one sperm is required to fertilize an egg your sperm count still matters. This count per millimeter is a good measure of your overall health. Without going to the fine details the question is how can you improve your sperm count? Well, there are many remedies out there but sifting through all of them can be a daunting task.

Here we present a brief but insightful review of one of the solutions available to help you increase your sperm count. We are talking about Semenax. Does it have the right ingredients to increase your sperm count? Consider the following.


Semenax: A Brief Intro

So, what is Semenax anyway? Semenax is a supplement made and sold by Leading Edge Health which manufactures several other leading male enhancement supplements. Semenax does more than just increasing the volume of your semen; it claims it can also increase your sperm count. But then how does it work? What ingredients are responsible for this feat? What is the dosage? Does it have any side effects?

How does it Work?

Did you know that a climax only lasts as long as your penis has something to shoot? Well, therein lays the secret behind Semenax’s ability to increase your sperm count. For one, this supplement is renowned for its ability to increase your semen volume. But the semen volume is not just an increase in its liquid volume.

Semenax works by giving your body all the vital nutritional ingredients necessary for increased sperm semen. The same ingredients account for an increase in the sperm count in your semen. To understand and appreciate how Semenax works we have to look at the ingredients. What are these ingredients?

Semenax ingredients

To appreciate the role that Semenax ingredients play in increasing your sperm count we need some brief insights on the causes of low sperm count and how it relates to the ingredients summarized below.

Production of sperms is a complex process. It requires normal functioning of your testes as well as the pituitary glands and the hypothalamus. Though many factors can lead to low sperm count one major actor that you can do something in your diet. You need all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals necessary for the healthy production of your sperms. That’s where Semenax ingredients come in. What are some of these ingredients?

· L-arginineHCL is a crucial amino acid used by the body to not just increases semen production but also boost your sperm count

· Pumpkin Seeds are the effective choice for the overall health and optimal performance of your prostrates

· Swedish flower: Pollen extracts from this flower support a healthy prostate.

· Butes Superba: This herb is a native of Thailand and s widely believed to hold aphrodisiac properties, in short, it increases your sex drive and by the way, as increased sex drive is indicative of a healthy reproduction system and potentially higher sperm count.

· Muira Puama: is a herb that helps the quality of your erections and libido.

· Vitamin E: Studies indicate the body uses this vitamin in several processes including reproduction. This vitamin helps deal with stress factors that affect your sperm count.

· Zinc Aspartate (L- Carnitine): This white powder has been shown to contribute to normal fertility and reproductive health.

While these are not the only Semenax ingredients they demonstrate the why and how this supplement can help you boost your sperm count. Semenax incorporates ingredients from across the globe. Others ingredients include:

· L-lysine

· L-arginine

· Epimedium Sagittatum

· Hawthorne

· Maca

· Pine Bark Extract among others

What is noteworthy about this product is that it doesn’t just improve your sperm count but also increases your seminal fluid. Yes, it gives sperm count a boost and makes you shoot loads like a porn star. Another thing, all these ingredients are truly natural which takes us the dosage.


Each bottle comes with 120 pills which should last you for a month. That means 4 pills per day –two in the morning and two in the evening. But then how long do you have to wait to see the anticipated results? Granted it takes the body sometime before whatever you ingest starts showing results. With Semenax you might have to wait for about a week or two before a sperm analysis can show any improvement in your sperm count.

For best results, you might have to make some lifestyle adjustments. If you take alcohol reduce your intake or stop it altogether. Junk food should be shown the door, take plenty of water and, do some exercise. In short lead a healthy lifestyle.

Side Effects

Semenax has no known side effects. Remember all the ingredients are 100% natural. However, just like with normal foods your body might react with some of the ingredients. To be safe why not consult your doctor before you start taking Semenax? Otherwise, this is an excellent supplement for any man who wants to improve his sperm count.