Best male automatic masturbators for 2019

Best male automatic masturbators for 2019

Every man deserves to lead a healthy and pleasant sexual life. However, it is not always possible to have a great sexual experience with your partner. For this reason, the use of automatic male masturbators has increased a lot throughout the last years.

Although there are a lot of available products on the market nowadays, few of them are really effective. However, if you find the one that suits your needs best, then you’ll be able to feel a great change to your mood and life in general.

1.F1s prototype produced by LELO

The LELO company has years of experience in the field of male enhancement products. Among its most recognizable products is the well-known F1s prototype male masturbator. The unique technology of this product, along with some special features make it a good choice for everyone.

What are the features of F1s prototype?

F1s prototype is a product made of dual internal motors that can send waves of pleasure to your penis before you can even realize it. The product offers customers the ability to control three basic aspects of it, namely the rhythm, pressure and force of the waves that reach your body.

The actual number of sensors is 10 and they can all provide high sensations to every man’s human body. The inside of the sleeve of each masturbator has some curved grooves that increase the whole pleasure even more.

Men can choose from the three intensity levels the product provides and control the type of pressure they need in order to reach their orgasm.

How does F1s prototype work?

F1s prototype increases the amount of oxygen and blood that reaches the nerve endings of a man’s penis, and that makes the whole feeling it provides even more enhancing. The product comes with a free app, that provides users with the ability to combine the prototype with other important tools provided by the same company.

The waves that are being sent by the device have a 360-degrees working ability that can be customized to your needs and make you have the orgasms you have dreamt of your entire life.

2.Autoblow Artificial Intelligence

With a combination of great properties, the Autoblow Artificial Intelligence is a smart masturbator that will make every man happy. Its customizable properties, functionality and ideal size make this product a popular choice among males seeking for a bit of pleasure.

Autoblow Artificial Intelligence

What are the features of Autoblow Artificial Intelligence?

The product doesn’t need to have any type of electricity supply, because it hosts an AC/DC power system. It is also, made of an extremely safe and hypoallergenic material, so it will not damage your overall health.

It has the ability to accommodate any type of cock size and it is also, capable of letting users stop each session whenever they are in need of a break in order to regain control of their body and continue with their ejaculation process afterward.

How does Autoblow Artificial Intelligence work?

This device works by mimicking the whole blowjob activity, letting the man decide upon the speed, force and intensity of the waves he wishes to receive.

This masturbator can sensitize every little part of a man’s anatomy towards experiencing a wonderful and long-lasting orgasm.

3.The Fleshlight Quickshot Launch

A combination of unique features and innovative techniques applied to the development of the Fleshlight Quickshot Launch by Fleshlight. This device offers speeds that can reach up to 250 strokes per minute and that makes it ideal for even the most difficult among men.

What are the special features of this device?

The most important characteristic of Fleshlight Quickshot is its ability to pleasure men in three different parts of their penis: the shaft, the base, as well as the tip of it. The device also, offers the ability to control the length and the speed of the strokes.

Chemical-free and hypoallergenic materials are used to make this device and the final product has a specific smartphone mount where users can connect their phone and secure it safely there for as long as they wish to.

The masturbator is fully automated and it can be recharged with the use of a simple USB cable. So, no need to use any type of electricity or batteries.

How does it work?

Fleshlight Quickshot works by sensitizing the man’s penis and making it susceptible to the pleasure provided by each stroke. The three zones of pleasure the product offers make the whole experience even more intense.

It is true that having a major orgasm can change the mood and health of every man. Various reasons can make a man suffer from a loss of sexual appetite or an inability to ejaculate and reach his peak. An automatic masturbator can perform miracles and help men experience some well-worth relief.