3 Oral Sex Techniques that Women Want Men to Use

Needy girl wanting oral sexMost of the women love to have oral sex, but the problem is their partner. They may not know how to perform it the right way. Thus, resulting in less pleasure, and no orgasm for women. Oral sex is an art, which you can easily master with some tries, even if you suck at it and do not count with an arsenal of techniques. It is far above than just licking clit up and down. Following are the 3 oral sex techniques women crave for and want their partners to use on them:

(Watch the powerful video below to get a grasp on the best ways women like to be eaten out.)

Have some patience

  • For having a great oral sex, you need to be patient. It starts way before your face finds its way in between her legs. Have a good foreplay in the start to make her body warm and ready. If you dive straight between your woman’s legs with your dry fingers, it will become quite painful for her.
  • Foreplay brings a natural lubricant to her vagina, and turn-on her mood. You can consider a guy as a light switch, he can either turn on or turn down. But women are more like a complex rocket launch sequence, a set of systems that need perfect artwork to get in right order, and eventually will turn on.
  • Find your way slowly down her body while playing with her breasts gently, and even kiss her on the belly button. Once you reach the bottom, start by kissing her inner thighs and then slowly come closer to her lips. This teasing technique will warm her body up and make her ready for next level of oral sex.

Keep the Rhythm

  • Some ladies like a lighter touch of tongue to the clitoris, and some like the hard pressure of tongue. You will understand it much better after few sessions with the same women. Eventually, you will understand her feelings, and the oral sex rhythm, she’s craving for.
  • You can try different motions, and notice which one she likes the most. Circles, and up and down around the clitoris are the best way to arouse her. Most ladies also love to have side-to-side tongue motion. You can switch things up in between, but don’t lose the rhythm.
  • In case your jaw and tongue get tired, then hake her clitoris between your lips and start giving mini-blowjob. It will make her go crazy, but don’t hurry too much. Ash her which one she likes the most in between, and tell her that you are loving doing it. Keep playing with her clitoris in a particular rhythm, and make her go closer to orgasms.

The Magic of Your Fingers

  • Using different tongue motions is fair enough, but when you add your fingers in your oral sex, it will increase the intensity of her orgasm. You may think clitoris as a small tree, which has large root system underground. The part you see of the clitoris is very small, the rest of it runs under the skin, along vagina’s both sides in a wishbone shape, closer to her anus.
  • You can easily simulate it if you know what you have to do. When you are tonguing her clitoris, slowly push your one finger into her vagina and leave it at rest until your woman seems comfortable. Then, add the second finger, and so to and forth motion with both fingers.
  • Make sure that your fingers are facing up, and slightly bend them to touch the vagina’s roof. It’s called the G-spot, which speeds up the moaning and orgasm process in women.

With these pussy licking techniques, you can assure that your lady is getting the best experience in her oral sex and she’s getting satisfied with you.


1. 3 Ways to Increase Your Sperm Count and Get Pregnant

3 Easy Ways to Increase Your Sperm Count and Get Pregnant

Food to Increase Sperm CountRecently, research made news that sperm count has been sloping downwards. Experts point out that it is mainly caused by male lifestyle, diet choices, stress levels, and pollution.

Although not alarming, scientists consider the situation to be of concern particularly in western countries. Obviously, lowered sperm concentration is among the reasons why some first world countries experience population decline – most of them are having problems getting pregnant. Watch this video to learn about 3 potent ingredients that will increase the amount you shoot out by 300%.

If there is a plan to conceive, it is essential for a man to have a superb sperm count. There are a few things a man can do in order to keep a healthy count of his swimmers. Below is a list which may be easily implemented.

  1. Diet Adjustment. Naturally, this is first on the list. A healthy amount of sperm would be hard to produce if the
    body lacks proper nutrition. Different studies have varying recommendations. However, the most common suggestion is an increase in intake of Vitamins C, Calcium, and Anti-oxidants. Getting more of these is relatively easy to do. For more Vitamin C, a large glass of pineapple juice during meals would be a great
    choice. Other sources are fruits such as oranges, lemons, kiwi, and melons. Calcium, of course, is plentiful in dairy milk, yogurt, and cheese. Anti-oxidants on the other hand come from wild blueberries, blackberries, and even dark chocolate. Additional anti-oxidants in the diet may also be acquired from adding cinnamon, cumin, or parsley to home-cooked meals.
  1. Exercise. Next, to nutrition, sufficient exercise is required in order to maintain a healthy mojo producing body. Various research claims that unfit men, both overweight and underweight, tend to have lower sperm count and fertility levels, which is all the contrary to what an Adonis Alpha is. It does not necessarily mean that a man needs to get ripped. But it is definitely essential to stay fit. Proper amounts of exercise bring long better blood circulation, lowered cholesterol levels, and increase in stamina; all of which are essential for better performance when conceiving.
  1. Sleep. This is actually a continuation of exercise. Enough rest is needed in order for the human body to recover from fatigue and get prepared for anything. Although this may often be overlooked, sleep deprivation leads to some serious problems such as a weakened immune system, increased blood pressure, indigestion, and fatigue; all of which are also causes of low sperm count.
  1. Reducing stress levels. There are numerous studies indicating that stress is a factor that lowers sperm count and reduces sperm quality. Since stressors come from various sources in the environment, reducing exposure to it may be challenging. There are numerous ways on how to deal with stress. Among them is taking a well-deserved vacation.Additionally, a romantic vacation may be considered since it would definitely present opportunities for conceiving.
  1. Reducing pollutants. Apart from staying away from environmental pollution, reducing or eliminating ingested pollutants helps in maintaining high sperm concentration. By ingested pollutants, this refers to harmful substances such as smoke and alcohol. It cannot be emphasized more how smoking tobacco and other materials generally harm the reproductive system. Consequently, excessive alcohol reduces sperm quality. For the purpose of getting pregnant, reducing if not eliminating the consumption of tobacco and alcohol
    would prove to be highly beneficial.