Best male automatic masturbators for 2019

Best male automatic masturbators for 2019

Every man deserves to lead a healthy and pleasant sexual life. However, it is not always possible to have a great sexual experience with your partner. For this reason, the use of automatic male masturbators has increased a lot throughout the last years.

Although there are a lot of available products on the market nowadays, few of them are really effective. However, if you find the one that suits your needs best, then you’ll be able to feel a great change to your mood and life in general.

1.F1s prototype produced by LELO

The LELO company has years of experience in the field of male enhancement products. Among its most recognizable products is the well-known F1s prototype male masturbator. The unique technology of this product, along with some special features make it a good choice for everyone.

What are the features of F1s prototype?

F1s prototype is a product made of dual internal motors that can send waves of pleasure to your penis before you can even realize it. The product offers customers the ability to control three basic aspects of it, namely the rhythm, pressure and force of the waves that reach your body.

The actual number of sensors is 10 and they can all provide high sensations to every man’s human body. The inside of the sleeve of each masturbator has some curved grooves that increase the whole pleasure even more.

Men can choose from the three intensity levels the product provides and control the type of pressure they need in order to reach their orgasm.

How does F1s prototype work?

F1s prototype increases the amount of oxygen and blood that reaches the nerve endings of a man’s penis, and that makes the whole feeling it provides even more enhancing. The product comes with a free app, that provides users with the ability to combine the prototype with other important tools provided by the same company.

The waves that are being sent by the device have a 360-degrees working ability that can be customized to your needs and make you have the orgasms you have dreamt of your entire life.

2.Autoblow Artificial Intelligence

With a combination of great properties, the Autoblow Artificial Intelligence is a smart masturbator that will make every man happy. Its customizable properties, functionality and ideal size make this product a popular choice among males seeking for a bit of pleasure.

Autoblow Artificial Intelligence

What are the features of Autoblow Artificial Intelligence?

The product doesn’t need to have any type of electricity supply, because it hosts an AC/DC power system. It is also, made of an extremely safe and hypoallergenic material, so it will not damage your overall health.

It has the ability to accommodate any type of cock size and it is also, capable of letting users stop each session whenever they are in need of a break in order to regain control of their body and continue with their ejaculation process afterward.

How does Autoblow Artificial Intelligence work?

This device works by mimicking the whole blowjob activity, letting the man decide upon the speed, force and intensity of the waves he wishes to receive.

This masturbator can sensitize every little part of a man’s anatomy towards experiencing a wonderful and long-lasting orgasm.

3.The Fleshlight Quickshot Launch

A combination of unique features and innovative techniques applied to the development of the Fleshlight Quickshot Launch by Fleshlight. This device offers speeds that can reach up to 250 strokes per minute and that makes it ideal for even the most difficult among men.

What are the special features of this device?

The most important characteristic of Fleshlight Quickshot is its ability to pleasure men in three different parts of their penis: the shaft, the base, as well as the tip of it. The device also, offers the ability to control the length and the speed of the strokes.

Chemical-free and hypoallergenic materials are used to make this device and the final product has a specific smartphone mount where users can connect their phone and secure it safely there for as long as they wish to.

The masturbator is fully automated and it can be recharged with the use of a simple USB cable. So, no need to use any type of electricity or batteries.

How does it work?

Fleshlight Quickshot works by sensitizing the man’s penis and making it susceptible to the pleasure provided by each stroke. The three zones of pleasure the product offers make the whole experience even more intense.

It is true that having a major orgasm can change the mood and health of every man. Various reasons can make a man suffer from a loss of sexual appetite or an inability to ejaculate and reach his peak. An automatic masturbator can perform miracles and help men experience some well-worth relief.

An Honest Review of the Phalogenics Program

A lot of male enhancement methods are available on the market, nowadays. Some of them are effective, while others are not as good as they want us to believe. The Phalogenics Program is considered a well-known and widely used program nowadays that promises to help men fight off their inability to experience an amazing sexual life due to their small penis.

What exactly is the Phalogenics Program?

The Phalogenics program is a series of video that promise to help men increase the size of their penis considerably. Its well-researched combination of resistance and stretching exercises -performed daily- can really help them increase the girth and length of their penis.

Former users of this method have claimed that they have seen an important change in their sexual life and an overall improvement in their performance and ability to satisfy their partners.

Have your heard about Semenax? Find out here!

Important features of the Phalogenics method

The whole theory behind the Phalogenics Program is based on its natural approach of the man’s sexual health issues. The program doesn’t make you consume any type of drugs and that makes it safe and easy-to-use by anyone. Another important feature of this method is its ability to offer males a lifelong enhancement of their dicks. That’s achieved because is can actually teach you how to enlarge your cock and how to tone the muscles surrounding it.

The program is divided into exercises of multiple levels of difficulty and that enables you to increase the level of difficulty as you advance. Users can combine this program with another well-known one named ”Advanced Sexual Mastery” that can help you even more to achieve the penis of your dreams.

Advantages of the Phalogenics Program

One major benefit of the Phalogenics Program is its ability to provide you with penis enlargement in an overall natural way, without the use of any type of medication or other external stuff. You only need to have a DVD player installed in your house and you are ready to start.

Phalogenics doesn’t include any kind of strap-on tools or other devices and that is a huge benefit since it allows users to perform the exercises wherever they wish to. That makes it also, ideal for every man out there, despite his size or shape of his penis.

Finally, you should be aware of the fact that no cleanup is required after you finish the whole exercise program. Therefore, you will not waste your time and energy in cleaning, as well.

Disadvantages of the Phalogenics Program

One disadvantage of this method is that it usually requires some time and effort before you are able to see some good first results. Men should also, be committed to the whole effort and get over any laziness that may appear.

Although the Phalogenics program may not provide quick results the way some pills or penis pumps do, the final results are gonna be permanent because your body is gonna learn how to be toned in the genital region once and for all.

Comparison against other products

The global market has launched some effective alternatives to Phalogenics, as well. The Quick Extender Pro is an efficient alternative to Phalogenics that contains a device made up from a smooth material that should be used on your dick daily.

The results provided by this alternative solution will appear more quickly and they will be permanent but the whole process is a lot more complicated and the fact that a device should be placed on the genital region can be annoying to a lot of men.

The Male Edge Extra device is another alternative solution to Phalogenics that can provide quick results. However, the specific dimensions of the device may make it difficult for some men to use it regularly.

A final verdict

The Phalogenics method is an overall great solution for every male out there wishing to increase the length and girth of his penis. Although it requires some time and effort before you are able to see the first impressive results, once you achieve that, you will become accustomed to a new way of sexual life that’s by far more satisfactory for both yourself and your partner.

You could also, try and combine this method with a manual device, like a masturbator for optimal results. That way, you’ll be able to experience some great orgasms even when you are alone at home.

Semenax Review – Perfect Ingredients to Increase Your Sperm Count

Semenax Review

It can’t be denied unless you, as a man, don’t love sex sperm count matters a lot when it comes to your overall health and more specifically the quality of your sex life. Why? If you are trying to conceive a child or just have gratifying sexual encounters your sperm count dictates how well you perform in these aspects.

Let’s appreciate that if your sperm count is less than the range of 15million to 200million sperms per millimeter of semen you have what in medical terms is referred to as oligospermia.

Though only one sperm is required to fertilize an egg your sperm count still matters. This count per millimeter is a good measure of your overall health. Without going to the fine details the question is how can you improve your sperm count? Well, there are many remedies out there but sifting through all of them can be a daunting task.

Here we present a brief but insightful review of one of the solutions available to help you increase your sperm count. We are talking about Semenax. Does it have the right ingredients to increase your sperm count? Consider the following.


Semenax: A Brief Intro

So, what is Semenax anyway? Semenax is a supplement made and sold by Leading Edge Health which manufactures several other leading male enhancement supplements. Semenax does more than just increasing the volume of your semen; it claims it can also increase your sperm count. But then how does it work? What ingredients are responsible for this feat? What is the dosage? Does it have any side effects?

How does it Work?

Did you know that a climax only lasts as long as your penis has something to shoot? Well, therein lays the secret behind Semenax’s ability to increase your sperm count. For one, this supplement is renowned for its ability to increase your semen volume. But the semen volume is not just an increase in its liquid volume.

Semenax works by giving your body all the vital nutritional ingredients necessary for increased sperm semen. The same ingredients account for an increase in the sperm count in your semen. To understand and appreciate how Semenax works we have to look at the ingredients. What are these ingredients?

Semenax ingredients

To appreciate the role that Semenax ingredients play in increasing your sperm count we need some brief insights on the causes of low sperm count and how it relates to the ingredients summarized below.

Production of sperms is a complex process. It requires normal functioning of your testes as well as the pituitary glands and the hypothalamus. Though many factors can lead to low sperm count one major actor that you can do something in your diet. You need all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals necessary for the healthy production of your sperms. That’s where Semenax ingredients come in. What are some of these ingredients?

· L-arginineHCL is a crucial amino acid used by the body to not just increases semen production but also boost your sperm count

· Pumpkin Seeds are the effective choice for the overall health and optimal performance of your prostrates

· Swedish flower: Pollen extracts from this flower support a healthy prostate.

· Butes Superba: This herb is a native of Thailand and s widely believed to hold aphrodisiac properties, in short, it increases your sex drive and by the way, as increased sex drive is indicative of a healthy reproduction system and potentially higher sperm count.

· Muira Puama: is a herb that helps the quality of your erections and libido.

· Vitamin E: Studies indicate the body uses this vitamin in several processes including reproduction. This vitamin helps deal with stress factors that affect your sperm count.

· Zinc Aspartate (L- Carnitine): This white powder has been shown to contribute to normal fertility and reproductive health.

While these are not the only Semenax ingredients they demonstrate the why and how this supplement can help you boost your sperm count. Semenax incorporates ingredients from across the globe. Others ingredients include:

· L-lysine

· L-arginine

· Epimedium Sagittatum

· Hawthorne

· Maca

· Pine Bark Extract among others

What is noteworthy about this product is that it doesn’t just improve your sperm count but also increases your seminal fluid. Yes, it gives sperm count a boost and makes you shoot loads like a porn star. Another thing, all these ingredients are truly natural which takes us the dosage.


Each bottle comes with 120 pills which should last you for a month. That means 4 pills per day –two in the morning and two in the evening. But then how long do you have to wait to see the anticipated results? Granted it takes the body sometime before whatever you ingest starts showing results. With Semenax you might have to wait for about a week or two before a sperm analysis can show any improvement in your sperm count.

For best results, you might have to make some lifestyle adjustments. If you take alcohol reduce your intake or stop it altogether. Junk food should be shown the door, take plenty of water and, do some exercise. In short lead a healthy lifestyle.

Side Effects

Semenax has no known side effects. Remember all the ingredients are 100% natural. However, just like with normal foods your body might react with some of the ingredients. To be safe why not consult your doctor before you start taking Semenax? Otherwise, this is an excellent supplement for any man who wants to improve his sperm count.

Shoot Ropes Review: The Secret Behind Its Success

Shoot Ropes ReviewNowadays, a lot of men suffer from a variety of problems in their sexual life. Most of these problems can be associated with weak erections and premature ejaculations. Our daily habits can affect a lot the seriousness of our problem.

If you experience unsatisfying sexual encounters due to low sperm production, you should rest assured that you are not alone. Fortunately, there is a program, specifically designed to provide you with all the tools that you can use in order to improve your sexual life. This Shoot Ropes review will reveal all the secrets that account for the product’s great success.

What exactly is Shoot Ropes?

Shoot Ropes is a thorough book written by a man, with the name of David McLaren. Like many of us, he suffered during his sexual encounters due to low sperm production. The humiliation he felt on multiple sexual occasions led him to launch a program that could help men acquire the sexual mastery they deserved to have.
David conducted a thorough research for years and he tested on himself every new method he discovered to prove its efficacy. He then combined all those successful strategies into a book, leaving the ones that did not provide good results outside.
This book promises to give men a natural increase in their sperm volume, as well as unique secrets from people who have worked in the porn industry for years.

What are the contents of this program?

McLaren promises to provide users with proven techniques that will help them increase their sperm volume by a high percentage. The book includes secrets around food and ingredients that can really help men in their fight against decreased libido.
It can also, advise you about foods you should avoid at any cost if you wish to bring your sexual appetite back. Users will also, be informed about supplements that can really provide positive results and help them increase their testosterone levels and acquire stronger and larger erections.
The unique feature of this book is that it has an overall natural approach to the man’s problem. It does not provide solutions that could be harmful to the general health of the individual, nor does it insist on the use of injections or other dangerous products.

Does Shoot Ropes really work?

Shoot Ropes is a program that has been tested a lot throughout the years. A lot of positive reviews, along with backup information by experts in the field of porn industry guarantee its success.
Those of you who give this program a try and stick to it for the recommended period of time will be most pleasantly surprised with the results.

What are the best features of this program?

A successful book needs to combine a variety of features that can appeal to users and make them wish to read it till the very end. Shoot Ropes does exactly that. It provides customers with a series of advantages. Let us see some of the most important among them.
To start with, the language of the book is really simple and David uses an easy to understand language. That makes the book accessible to everyone. The flow of instructions is really good, as well. There is a gradual progress on the amount of effort you need to exercise and you will have no dark areas or chapters you do not fully understand.
An important feature of this book is the fact that it takes everything into account. Its writer has not been restricted to certain opinions, but he has gathered a collection of expert opinions without, however, having any contradictions on the info he provides.

Are there any disadvantages to this product?

The truth is that based on a variety of reviews, we can rest assured about the efficacy and safety of this program. The only problem users may have to cope with is the fact that this book is only available as a PDF version for now. Therefore, it requires an internet connection and access to a digital reading process.

Where can you purchase the product?

This book can be bought via its official site for less than $50. This one-time payment gives you lifelong access to the various successful techniques that are included in it. McLaren offers also, a 60-day money back guarantee in the off-chance that you are not 100% satisfied with the book.

Cum Supplements: The Other Easier Options

Most of the ingredients that you need to increase sperm count are already packed in cum supplements such as Semenax and Volume Pills, so in case you want to make very little effort this could be an option for you.
It is true that most users have described this particular book as a lifesaver experience. The results you will see are immediate and long-lasting and they can really make a big difference to your sexual life.
After all, we all deserve to have the best possible sexual encounters that will leave not only us but our partner as well, fully satisfied.

Volume Pills – Is it the Best Semen Enhancer for Men?

Volume PillsIf you have been looking into male boosting products before or you’re seriously looking into them at the moment, chances are, you have already heard about the famous Volume Pills. Let be honest, you might have everything but if you fail to master your sex game, you may end up losing the best catch of your life because women get turned off easily when dealing with a one-second man.

It’s quite disappointing if your ejaculation is weak, the sweetness of sex comes with finishing strong. If you’ve been thinking of ways to revive your manly side and expose the beast inside of you, then Volume Pills should top your list for sex enhancement products. If you are a newbie to Volume Pills, you might be surprised by all the positive testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers and probably still will be wondering how this product works.

Apart from making you create a lot of semen, Volume Pills help improves the males’ reproductive system and fertility by improving the motility of the sperms. This means the sperms not only increase in number but have the necessary strength to swim and fertilize the egg.

An Insight On How The Volume Pills Work

Volume Pills are a distinctive and effective blend of a variety of natural ingredients that have been completely approved by medical professionals and it is aimed to improve sexual desire, stamina, maximizing on semen volume and finishing strong during orgasm. This is achieved because apart from improving the volume of semen produced by your body, Volume Pills help to strengthen the muscles around the erogenous zone making them contract harder pumping all the semen. The extra force offers unprecedented feeling—or pleasure and far more explosive ejaculation.

Unlike other sex enhancement products such as Viagra, Volume Pills stand out thanks to their reliable formulas and effectiveness which is courtesy of determined research and investments. If you have been dreaming of a fountain of semen and better sex life, these pills are here to help you.

Doctors have conducted tests and have proven that Volume Pills not only create long-lasting erections but the firmness of the shaft too. Frequent use of the Volume Pills offers strong Erection, improves the overall craving for sex and the sex masterly. More importantly, these pills are totally safe and can be accessed by anyone at affordable prices.

How It Works

Volume Pills formulas are designed to utilize organic ingredients that target the seminal glands responsible for producing sperms and semen. The ingredients naturally convince the glands to produce semen in order to maximize semen ejaculation during sex. For ejaculation to be considered adequate or normal, the semen on each ejaculation needs to be around 3 to 5 ml otherwise this where Volume Pills come into play.

Apart from increasing the semen, the natural ingredients used boost heart strength and blood circulation improving on the time and strength of erection. The ingredients are mainly found in Latin America and Asia but these pills are available to all men who struggle with sex life and cannot access these herbs directly.

Volume Pills also boost the production of testosterone, an important chemical found naturally in the males which help distinguish alpha males from the rest. The increased testosterone levels help build confidence which is important during sex and when approaching ladies.
Volume Pills offers the best yet safe alternative when it comes to fatility and sex enhancement. It doesn’t matter whether you are seeking a short or long term enhancement of your erection, semen ejaculation or a long-lasting pleasure because these pills are perfectly suited for either.

Ingredients Behind The Making Of Volume Pills

Drilizen: Supports development of strong and faster blood flow necessary for an erection.
Solidin: An important ingredient used to improve sex desire/drive.
Zinc Oxide: A must-have ingredient because it’s known to boost testosterone levels and fertility.
Ku Gua: This ingredient supports semen production and boosting testosterone production too.
Other ingredients include Rou Gui, Tian Men Dong, Hong Hua Fen Dong Chong Xia Cao and Xian Mao.

For optimal performance, you will be required to take the pill before any sexual encounter. You can take two pills, one in the morning and the other in the evening for better results. However, you have the option of taking one per day too. It is important one takes the dosage for two months to create the ultimate outcome that is almost tangible.

The first effects or results are clear within the first week of usage. However, as stated earlier, you’ll need to take the prescribed dosage for two months in order to experience the best orgasm climax of your life. Apart from boosting testosterone levels, the increase in the semen triples making Volume Pills magical sex products to be ever created!

The pricing range throughout the world but the gap between the prices regardless of the geographical location should still be reasonable. The product is available at prices between 29.9 and 36.4 dollars inclusive of delivery. Ensure you buy at a trustworthy store or online dealer.

Brief Comparisons Between Semenax And Volume Pills
Both are purely made from naturally occurring ingredients and have zero side effects. A study conducted on the two showed Semenax had the ability to improve semen production by 50% while Volume Pills improved semen production by a whopping 75%! The shipping is more or less the same.

Volume Pills are all-round natural formulas aimed to help men boost semen and testosterone production which are very important during sex. If you want to improve on bedroom prowess, then give Volume Pills the best shot you’ve got.

How To Make a Girl Cum With These 3 Proven Techniques

she wants to cumIn the past, female orgasms were considered a mystery. A significant number of women could not experience orgasms during regular sex. Furthermore, as times and technology advances, the modern woman is put under so much pressure to be a good mother, a loving partner, and sex expert who is expected to climax every time she engages in sex. Shockingly, recent research revealed that approximately 75% of women do not achieve orgasms during intercourse.
Society and social media have been condemning women for not achieving orgasms. The stigma has had a severe toll on women and has strangely widened the gap between expectations and reality. Furthermore, how pornographic films have been depicting female orgasms has been strongly contradicting what researchers have found out through analysis and interviews.
This article will help you filter through the clutter to accurately understand why most women do not cum easily and what you can do to give your woman an earth-shattering orgasm.

Why Most Women Do Not Achieve Orgasms

In 1948, Alfred Kinsley, an American sex biologist, studied male and female orgasms. His studies revealed that approximately 95% of men achieved an orgasm during sex, while less than 50% of women experienced orgasms.
The low number of female orgasms is attributed to the following reasons:
1. Belief Systems- Studies have revealed that women who stick to firm religious principles orgasm less often compared to liberal-minded women.
2. Relationship Status- Women who are are happy in their relationships have higher chances of achieving orgasms compared to those who are depressed.
3. Sexual Harassment- Compared with women who have experienced sexual trauma, women who have no history of sexual harassment have higher chances of achieving orgasms.
4. Demographic Factors- Research has revealed that older women have higher chances of experiencing orgasms than younger women.

Make Her Cum Hard With These 3 Powerful Techniques

This section will cover the powerful strategies that are bound to transform your bedroom prowess:
1. Making Her Cum Though Fingering
2. Giving Her Orgasms Through Oral Stimulation
3. Orgasms From Vaginal Penetration- The CAT Technique

Technique 1 – Making Her Cum Through Fingering

Just like any other art, fingering is a technique that you should master to make a woman tear bed sheets with intense pleasure.
Even more, fingering can help you make your woman cum if you cannot last longer during penetrative sexual intercourse. Surprisingly, fingering enables you to stimulate her clitoris and G-spot simultaneously.
For Clitorial Orgasms
– Apply some lube on your fingers and make gentle circles over the clitoral hood.
– After circling the clitoris for some time, gently spread her vagina lips, and repeatedly tap on the clitoris gently.
– Move your fingers up and down, side to side, and observe her to see the stimulation that that strikes her the most.
– Once you find out what is best for her, maintain the gentle, rhythmic motions until she cums.
– When you notice that she is closer to climaxing, gradually increase your pace until she orgasms.
For G-Spot Orgasms
– Insert your middle finger in her vagina and curl it in the come hither manner.
– Move your finger slowly and steadily as you rub the G-spot in a circular motion. The G-spot feels like a rough area.
– Gradually increase your speed of stimulation until she achieves an orgasm. Studies have confirmed that most women attain orgasms from G-spot stimulation.

Technique 2 – Giving Her Orgasms Through Oral Stimulation

Sexologists have found out that most women achieve orgasms from oral stimulation than from penetrative sex. To make a woman explode with joy during oral sex, you should follow the following simple yet powerful steps:
– Tease her by kissing her inner thighs, running down your fingers along her legs, and avoiding the vagina as much as possible to increase sexual tension. Teasing creates anticipation, which makes her wet even more.
– After teasing her for some time, blow and lick her vagina gently and watch her groan with pleasure. Blowing and licking create a sensation that mounts intense sexual tension in her body.
– To spice up the process more, start kissing and sucking her vagina with a mixture of slow and fast strokes.
– As she moans with pleasure and nears an orgasm, increases your speed and rhythm until you push her over the edge.
– You should maintain a steady rhythm at every stage to guarantee her a mindblowing orgasm.

Technique 3 – Orgasms From Vaginal Penetration-The CAT Position

Although most women do not cum from penetrative sex, this sex position solves this dilemma. It provides you with a means of stimulating her clitoris during sex.
Read on to find out how you do it like a pro:
– Get into the normal missionary sex position.
– Slide your body slightly upwards while on top of her and support yourself steadily with your arms.
– Align your pelvis with her pelvis and make sure the shaft of your penis is rubbing and stimulating her clitoris.
– While in this position, stroke her clitoris in an up and down manner rather than an in-out manner.
– Continue stroking until she achieves a fist-clenching orgasm.
Given these points, it is crucial to ensure that you use lube and engage in enough foreplay to minimize friction to enhance your sexual experience. Why not drive her crazy with these techniques?

So, What is the Best Choice to Increase Your Sperm Count?

SemenaxWhether you are trying to increase your sperm count to improve your chances of making a baby, or maybe just to impress your sexual partner or partners with larger cum loads, Semenax pills seem to be one of the best options for you.

There are a lot of different “cum more” pills available on the market, however, many of those have zero positive results, further, they can even cause some highly unpleasant side effects. To be honest, there is only a hand full of quality products out there, and Semenax is the one the ranks in the top three in any of the lists available online. Let’s take a closer look what makes these pills so great.

Semenax Review

Below we will present basically all the information you might need before making a final decision if Semenax might be the right choice for you. Let’s take this nice and easy from the top.

What is Semenax?

Semenax falls in the category of dietary supplements. It comes in the form of pills, which are composed of the ingredients that a male’s body needs to start producing more semen.
The company that produces Semenax is called Leading Edge Health LLC and they operate in a registered facility. According to the company’s statement, they have the best team of physiologists and doctors working together to make the best possible products. One of the promising and reassuring signs is the fact, that Semenax has been on the market for 15 years.

Who is Semenax for?

Semenax is intended for any male who wants to increase his sperm count and overall cum load. As such it is potentially something that every man out there might want to use.
Besides those who use these pills to have a better chance of conceiving a baby and those who want to impress their partners, there are many who take it just to increase their pleasure during an orgasm. Ever since it has been scientifically proven that larger cum volume also means stronger, longer, and more sensual orgasms, the letter has been one of the reasons many men decided to try it out.

What is Semenax made from?

Since all of the ingredients in their pills have been FDA approved, they are not a secret. Let’s take a closer look at what they claim to be the perfect ingredients to increase one’s sperm count.
Zinc or Zinc Oxide to be exact – for sperm quality enhancement
Maca – for testosterone level boost
Horny Goat Weed – for testosterone level boost
Vitamin E – for blood flow increase (stronger and longer erection)
Tribulus – for testosterone level boost
L-Lysine – for testosterone level boost & sperm production increase
L-Carnitine – for stronger and longer erection
L-Arginine – for sperm production increase
Catuaba Bark – for strengthening the reproductive male system
Pumpkin Seeds – for prostate glands’ health improvement
Hawthorne Berry Extract – for blood flow increase
Cranberry extract – for prostate glands’ health improvement
The best thing is that the majority of the above ingredients are 100% natural and they all contribute to a lot of additional positive side effects, such as stronger sexual drive, stronger and longer erections, and prostate health.

Does it really work?

The fact that the product has been on the market for 15 years is alone a very strong argument. Further, there are many positive user testimonials available online. We have to be realists and consider, that many of those are fake and created specifically to be used for commercial purposes. However, there are even more legit ones, where the user goes into details and are quite easy to point out.
We wanted to make sure ourselves, so we conducted a small experiment ourselves. There were three men included in our test and they all followed the exact instructions on the package regarding the quantity and frequency of the pill consumption. The rule was to ejaculate in a cup every three days and this was the only time, they were allowed to climax.
They all reported no noticeable results in the first two weeks, which was in line with what most users claim online. But in their third week of regular use, they all started to notice positive results. After the end of the fifth week (that is how long our study was) they all reported over 80 % cum volume increase. As such we are able to confirm that Semenax actually does work.
Take away point
If you are not satisfied with your sperm count or the volume of your cum, you should definitely give Semenax a try. They also offer a money back guaranty, which puts the financial risk to zero.

3 Reasons Why a Big Bulge in Your Pants will Increase Your Self-Esteem

big dickA big bulge in the pants is what every sane man yearns for. That’s why you will see the “blessed” ones putting on skinny jeans and posing to the camera. Lacking a bulge in your pants can be so heartbreaking for a man. You don’t even feel comfortable being around other men or even women. Worse still, attending a pool party full of muscular guys and hot chicks may sound just like a nightmare.

The worst part comes when you’ve just met a new partner. Any thought of making love may just put you off; not because you hate it but because you lack confidence with your small manhood. Even women love men with big bulges.

Having a big manhood comes with several advantages. Your self esteem stays high all the time. These are just some of the benefits you enjoy from having a big man inside your pants.

1. You can comfortably satisfy your partner

Sex is usually amazing when both partners enjoy. For your woman to feel you deep inside her, you will need to combine efforts of a big penis and a strong erection. You should touch all her vaginal or anal walls tightly for an incredible feeling.

Lots of women complain about how they don’t get satisfied sexually. Worse still, some women have never has an orgasm their entire life. This is bad news!

A big manhood will enable you fill her up and touch all her favorite parts; including the G-spot. Once she orgasms and hugs you tightly, your self esteem automatically shoots.

2. You enjoy attention from girls

Have you ever seen a scenario where a girl can’t just let go even after being heartbroken? Most of them would blame it on love but the truth is right inside the guy’s pants. Good sex can make girls addicted to you.

Even at times when other aspects of the relationship aren’t working, your girl will still stick to you. This is one of the reasons people end up making love to their exes.

If you have a line-up of exes or any girls you’ve made love to, they will always be looking for you. For any guy, such attention can be so fulfilling. It makes you feel like a really powerful man.

3. You can put on skinny clothes comfortably

Pool parties are an awesome way of creating incredible memories. Going there dressed in just a pair of tight shorts makes you look great with a big bulge. In attracts a lot of attention; especially from girls, and gay men of course.

Don’t forget straight men who may envy you.

In addition, you can take shower in a public bathroom, use a public changing room, and swim comfortably. Again, there’s this nice look that “blessed” guys have when they put on skinny jeans. Combined with six pack abs, this look can literally kill!

Being comfortable around people no matter how you’re dressed increases your self esteem. In addition, you can even act in porn films if you’re the naughty type.

Bottom line

Generally, a big manhood is like gold; wanted by both men and women. Some are born with it. However, others need to work hard and achieve it themselves. If you aren’t “blessed”, there are ways you can pull the blessings to yourself. It is a perfect feeling to have a big bulge in your pants.

VigRX Plus and Its Impeccable Benefits

vigrx plus benefitsWith technological innovations and betterment, a number of changes have come in human growth and development. All of these changes and items are used for human health and making the lives of the people much easier and better. We all face several issues and problems related to our health and it becomes necessary for proper vitamins and other products so that people can lead a happy and productive life. VigRX Plus is one such constituent that has made the lives of the people much easier and beneficial. There are several problems faced by men in regards to their physical health, but with the use of this antidote, the health of the men gets better and so does their relationship status. 

As already stated, there are a lot of impeccable benefits of VigRX Plus, however, the most obvious ones are given below:

Blood Flow
For the smooth health and functioning of different parts of the body, it is necessary for blood to flow through all the parts. Without an active blood flow, the body parts ultimately become dysfunctional. Although, the blood flows through all parts of the body naturally, however, there are times and conditions when it is less or doesn’t occur at all. It is during this time that VigRX is made use of as it helps in initiating blood flow to all parts of the body. Without this aspect, human growth and health can be impact. However, VigRX, acts as a savior bringing significant ease and benefits in their respective lives.

Easy Affordability 
There are many health benefits of VigRX that are important for increased human health and development. This aspect makes it particularly beneficial and attractive for the consumers. However, any factor that makes it ideal is the fact that it is easily affordable. VigRX is not very expensive which makes it easier for many people to afford it and thus, can improve their lives through its use. There are many other products available in the market as well. But, it is VigRX that is preferred and consumed the most by the customers owing to its high productivity and less prices. This combination has been highly valued by all and plays the card for the company.

Health benefits
There are additional health benefits of VigRX, along with the obvious task of increased blood flow. It helps in keeping the body in shape without much of an effort and through the several health benefits stated on the box, encourage the people to work towards the achievement and attainment of a healthy life style so that they can live their respective lives with a good health that is a mark of productivity and growth.

As already stated, there are a number of benefits of VigRX and it is important for human growth and health in a number of ways, particularly for men. In addition to this, through taking the health component, a better life of people is attained which ultimately brings them utmost benefit in their lives making it more productive and healthier. Hence, it is important for men to take this constituent on regular basis so that they can improve on their life and stability for a longer period of time.

Want To Cum More And More? This Is For You!

Big LoadDo you have a problem with shoot cumming? Don’t worry, here is the remedy. It seems that men have been worried for a long time about the power of the penis. As a symbol of masculinity, strength, dominance, and success, the penis and all its functioning have been present throughout the art and imagination of cultures. But all the attention paid to penis size, erectile function, and lasting strength is actually a complement to what’s really important: cumming.

I want to first discuss the natural possibilities of moving forward. These are basic ways to ejaculate in a more natural, effective and joyfully!

1. The first way to get there is by drinking plenty of water. Your sperm is water-based and if you drink a lot of water, your body stays healthy. This will optimize your body to produce abundant and healthy spermatozoa and blow and shoot more.

2. The second way forward is the “stop and go” method. While having sex or masturbating, you want to satisfy yourself until you reach a climax. Before reaching your climax, you want to wait. I hope you have enough control, because it’s extremely difficult, as most of you know. You can do it as often as possible. You have to wait until your penis becomes relatively soft and start again. The more you do this, the more sperm accumulates. There is a point where it does not work in a session. It will be different for everyone and you have to experiment. If you ejaculate once, you expect a lot of spectacular optics!

3. Be healthy and stay in shape. Being healthy and staying in shape is a good solution to almost any problem, it seems. Fertility is extremely important for transmitting your genes. To be healthy, you have to spend some time doing cardio or muscle training. There are many ways to stay fit, from exercise to workout in the gym. Basically, anything that moves your heart is helpful.

Being healthy allows your blood to circulate effectively in your body. Your heart will be strong and will strengthen your quality of life. Good blood circulation is important because blood can flow through your penis for harder, longer erections. This helps you to get a better load and efficiently transfer sperm through your penis.

4. Abandoning a few days of masturbation is a very effective way to get a lot more. All you have to do is not to ejaculate for a few days. The next time you ejaculate, you can expect more volume. As a general rule, a few days are enough, since giving up more time later leads to lower yields. Keep in mind that this can vary from person to person, but it usually takes two to three days. If you do not ejaculate for a few days, your body will have time to produce and store more. You can also use the methods above in combination with this method to accomplish more. It could be most of what you have already ejaculated if you have never tasted it.

Of course, most methods to produce more sperms are not as effective. They help but do not usually give the desired results. If you ejaculate very little, this is the case. You did not do anything for that. If you want to have a serious volume in your ejaculations, you must buy a volume of sperm to make the product. There are different possibilities, but there are only a few very good solutions that allow many men to succeed. Success in your next move.